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Divorce is a highly litigated area of family law.  We attempt to come to an amicable agreement between both parties, but in the event we are unable to do so, we work to advocate for an outcome most favorable to our client.  We also offer flat rate fees for uncontested divorces, we understand this is already an emotional time in your life and we don't want to add unnecessary financial stress to an already difficult situation. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your individual case.


Post-decree modifications are common after a divorce has been finalized.  Most common types of modifications include visitation, child support, and custody.


Paternity, similar to a divorce proceeding occurs when two parties have a child or children and have never wed.  A paternity action establishes a court order regarding custody, visitation, and child support of the parties' child or children.  Paternity matters can be uncontested or even contested.


Did you know there are distinct differences between custody and visitation?  Often times the two are incorrectly interchanged.  Custody involves the legal decision making process such as education, medical, and religious decisions regarding your child whereas visitation is the physical care of the child.  We can work with clients who have been awarded visitation by a Judge but the other parent is disallowing the visitation, known as an enforcement action or contempt.  Each case is very different and we work with you every step of the way. 


Adoption can be a very exciting and emotional time in one's life, we're here every step of the process.  We primarily focus on step-parent and grandparent adoptions.